A Latvian Balagan Punk Orchestra Oranzas Brivdienas (OB or Orange Holidays) mixes ska, reggae, punk and rock together with some folk elements in a cocktail full of positive energy. Formed by songwriter Speiss (Ints Kergalvis) on March 2000 in his hometown Kuldiga, Latvia.
At the beginning local friends and musicians were invited to play acoustic indie-folk, but then members and music style changed until in 2005 the band became in it’s this time vision.

Today OB is:
Speiss – acoustic guitar, lead vocal, music and lyrics
Chakste – lead guitar, mandolin
Marts – rhythm guitar
Mario – drums
Raitis – bass;
Brunis – trumpet
Max – trombone
Ricis – saxophone

Band has played almost in all music clubs and festivals in Latvia and have toured through Europe with shows in Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Germany, Netherland, Belgium, France and Chechia.

On spring 2011 OB digitally released first full album “Everybadi Tancevak” of best songs recorded until 2011. Album is downloadable from

On spring 2012 OB released album “Spīd” under Naba Music / Melo Records. (Nominated for “Best alternative music album” at “Latvian Music Awards”)

In 2015 OB released album “Tilti” under Naba Music / Melo Records. (Nominated for “Best alternative and indie music album” at “Latvian Music Awards”)

Next 8 years OB releases only singles which are compiled in the album “Ārā” scheduled to release in June 2023.

OB concerts usually are full of positive, powerful and screaming energy. This is a real live band from Latvia.

See you in our concerts!


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